Despite our modern technology it seems that we are busier then we have ever been.  It can be hard to find time to take care of all your important obligations without driving yourself to exhaustion.  It used to be that coffee was the only way to get a little boost of energy but now we have a variety of different drinks and supplements that can give you a much better kick than coffee.  Some of these health and fitness drinks, however, can taste quite awful and might contain a lot of calories and dangerous ingredients such as ephedrine.  Luckily, FRS Energy drinks are here with a great taste, healthy ingredients and all the energy you might need.

Ditch those nasty energy drinks

There are plenty of other drinks that claim to give you an energy boost but most of them will taste so bad that they need to be masked with a lot of sugar. Now you can throw out all of these horrible drinks and get all the energy your busy schedule demands with FRS healthy energy drinks. FRS sets itself apart from other energy drinks on the market with it’s delicious flavor. In fact, the great taste of FRS drinks is one of the major points mentioned in any FRS energy review. There is no longer a need to dread the horrible taste of energy drinks and cringe when you drink them. With FRS you can actually enjoy an energy drink!


A healthy energy drink?

The problem with most other energy drinks is that they rely on large amounts of things like caffeine and taurine to boost energy. While these may give you a short boost of energy, they aren’t particularly healthy. FRS doesn’t use caffeine or taurine but is made with a patented formula which contains Quercetin, which is a natural ingredient which not only increases energy but will also boost your immune system. Quercetin, the active ingredient in FRS healthy drinks, was actually discovered by scientists who were looking to help patients receiving chemotherapy. Quercetin is a natural ingredient that can be found in various fruits and vegetables and can greatly improve both energy and focus.

More than just a drink

FRS makes one of the best and most healthy energy drinks on the market but they don’t stop there. FRS has taken their same proven and patented formula and turned it into a powdered form. This powdered form can be a great way to add the FRS formula to a bottle of water or your favorite drink. FRS has also created some great tasting chewy tablets which are perfect for busy people on the go.

Energy drinks are extremely popular lately and there are many different choices. The problem is that most of them will taste horrible and will only offer a caffeine and sugar high. Thanks to FRS, there is no longer a need to torture yourself with bad tasting energy drinks that wear off after a very short period. FRS Healthy Energy Drinks will give you the energy and focus you need while giving your immune system a great boost.

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If you’re interested in losing weight and getting fit then it’s important to get a good idea about your body fat percentage.  The reason why your body fat percentage is so important is because weight alone is not a very good way of determining how fit you actually are.  As we all know, muscle weighs much more than fat so how much you weigh doesn’t say much about how much fat you need to lose.  There are a couple of ways to measure your body fat but most of these tools will be quite expensive and cost way too much for the average person to justify.  The Accu measure body fat caliper, on the other hand, is an affordable way to get accurate readings of your body fat percentage.

How to measure body fat? Body fat caliper really is the best way to determine your body fat percentage.  Using them in conjunction with a good exercise routine is a great way to learn how to stay healthy.   They are easy to use, all you really need to do is use them to squeeze the fat around certain areas, such as the gut, and you can get a very accurate reading.  There are some very high tech tools out there that can be used to measure body fat but most of these are quite expensive and rather complicated.  Accu measure calipers are an inexpensive alternative that is also very easy to use.

How to Measure Body Fat with Calipers

Measuring body fat with calipers is much easier than it sounds.  The Accu Measure caliper is what is known as a skin fold caliper, this means that it is used to measure body fat in specific areas that are prone to skin folds.  All you need to do is pinch a bit of skin with one hand and then squeeze the calipers down onto that fold.  Accu measure calipers have a special “click” mechanism that lets you know that you are measuring correctly.

Where You Should Measure

When using a body fat caliper there are a few specific locations that you should measure.  These locations will usually correlate to areas that people often have trouble losing weight in.  You should use your Accu measure calipers to measure both the back and front of your upper arm, your shoulder blade and your waist.  These areas will give you the most accurate measurements that can then be used to determine your body fat percentage.

If you’re trying to lose weight or get in shape then it’s important to figure out your body fat percentage.  Your body fat percentage is the most accurate way to gauge how well your fitness routine is working.  There are a few products out there that will claim to accurately measure body fat percentages but most of them are either ineffective or very expensive.  The Accu measure body fat caliper is the most affordable way to accurately measure and determine your body fat percentage. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on other calipers when the affordable Accu measure calipers will do a better job.

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