3 Ballerinas Tea Dieters Drink Review

by Chris

The weight loss industry is teeming with various products and diet pills that all promise one thing – help you lose weight. But most of them fail to deliver, while there are a few others that help you realize your goals. 3 ballerina tea is one of those few that not only assist in helping you achieve weight loss, but also achieve a healthier and better quality of life. You can get started on improving your own health by learning more about the ballerina diet tea below.

About 3 Ballerina Diet Tea

The 3 ballerina tea drink is a tea beverage that you can drink at anytime throughout the day. However, its manufacturer recommended drinking 3 glasses of the ballerina diet tea daily to quicken up the weight loss results. The tea itself is made up of natural ingredients such as malva verticellata, cassia angustifolia, cinnamon bark, green tea leaves, and other natural herbs to bring about those weight loss results. The manufacturer has also guaranteed that the tea solution is free from caffeine or other harmful additives.


To prepare this weight loss tea, you must prepare 2 cups of water wherein you must dip one tea bag. Allow the tea bag to sit on hot water for 2-3 minutes to make sure that the water has completely absorbed all the natural and beneficial properties of the herb. It is best consumed with every meal but one must not exceed 3 cups of intake per day.

3 Ballerina Tea Does It Work?

The concept for weight loss behind the ballerina diet tea takes its cues from traditional Chinese medicine. All ingredients used for making the tea were specifically chosen for their weight loss properties. When you drink the tea, it will help to eliminate all toxins inside your body. In the process, you are removing excess sources of weight and fat inside your body, while also removing water weight. You must therefore be prepared to go to the bathroom often when drinking tea from 3 ballerina but there is no need to worry since it only means that the tea is working.

Aside from weight loss, many have adapted the intake of ballerina diet tea for its numerous health benefits. For instance, it has been known to cure bloating, constipation, or address menstrual related water retention. There are a lot of women who drink the 3 ballerina tea to achieve relief from discomfort during their menstrual cycle.

This product is indeed very effective when used for weight loss purposes. And yet, it is not as expensive as other commercial weight loss brands that do not seem to produce the results you want. Its use of natural herbs as main ingredient also guarantees that you need not worry about adverse side effects to your health. But still, it is important to consult your doctor before making the 3 ballerina tea a part of your dietary routine. This will ensure that you can get maximum results from this tea, whether you are trying to lose weight, suppress your appetite, or address common health problems that it has been known to cure.

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Naomi aka mimiie

I’m about to start taking the tea today I hope it works I would like to see results in a month from now…



where can i find this product



I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs to lose weight. It is very good, i starting drinking it and within a week friends and family started asking me how I’m losing weight and complimenting me. It makes me lose weight, and feel great. In my experience, I lost about 5-7 pounds a week which is truly incredible, i never thought that drinking this tea would do so much for me. I really do love it.



yes it really works i feel so much lighter and i have noticed i can fit into some of my clothes that used to be so tight but now its more freer for me and i havent even started exercising.



i would like to know if is good to take 3 ballerina tea if u re trying to get pregnant



i would say that the tea is amazing it gets the job done . yes it works



ok so i am pretty young and my family members recomended it am certain to drink it and work out at the same time, i would just like to know how much i can loose in 1 month of the tea and exercising if anyone could help please do but so far i have had no cramps…. but everyones diffrent and for me and my family members that are taking this it takes about 6 hours to start functioning so drink it within time limit. i hope this helped and i hope to get some answers.



I’ve been drinking this tea for over a week and I saw improvments on the second day, my stomach was flatter and I felt much lighter. The stomach cramps were unbearable the first day but that was due to the removal of all the toxins in my body. The cramps have reduced, but I plan to drink this tea until I’ve reached my desired weight and then reduce my intake to a few cups per week to maintain weight. I recommend this.



You should drink it with Organic Manuka Honey. It will get rid of the cramps.


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