HCG Weight Loss Programs Review

by Chris

The link between HCG and weight loss is one of the greatest mysteries that has invaded this industry. In fact, many are currently looking at HCG weight loss diet programs as an effective way to gain success with the weight loss campaign. Before you jump into this particular diet scheme, make sure you find out all the information you need in adapting this weight loss method and what makes it effective.

What is HCG?

HCG simply means human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a type of hormone that are produced by the human body (women, to be specific) during pregnancy. The HCG is what makes up the placenta and can be found in the blood 11 days following the conception. Although this type of hormone is highly associated with pregnancy, it can be found in either male or female.


The presence of HCG sends signals to the brain to increase its metabolic rate and burn fat stores in the body in a more rapid pace. Its role during pregnancy is to bring nutrients to the placenta to feed the growing fetus.

About HCG Weight Loss Diet Programs

The HCG weight loss program consists of injecting HCG hormones into the body on a daily basis. According to the developers of this diet program, it can help one lose weight between 1 to 3 pounds daily. Then, the injections are combined with a strict 500-calorie/day rule to guarantee optimal results.

Food Components of HCG Diet

When adapting a diet plan for weight loss, one of the first questions that most people ask is this: what foods can I eat and which to avoid? The HCG weight loss diet program has a specific requirement before you get started on it. Three days before starting the diet plan, it is important to prepare your body by eating as much as you can. The idea here is to make sure that your fat cells reach their largest possible state.

Within the next few weeks while you have adapted the diet and fitness tips of the program, you must strictly adhere to the 500-calorie-a-day rule. Water, coffee, and tea are allowed in this diet but make sure that they do not contain sugar. When it comes to consuming meat, you can only cook them into two different methods: boiled or grilled. Even then, your meat choices only include white fish, shrimp, crabs, lobster, veal, chicken, and beef.

Vegetables and fruits are recommended for those in an hcg weight loss diet. It is important to stick with this diet rule during your diet program and within 2-3 days after you have completed it.

Exercise Component

In addition to finding out about the food component of your diet, you also need to know about how much exercise you need to perform to ensure more effective results. The use of hcg and weight loss approach to attaining the body you want require you to perform light cardio exercises. A few minutes of jogging or walking each day is an ideal complement to your dietary program. Avoid doing strength training at all times since it will be difficult to burn off fat once they have turned into muscles.

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