Health Benefits Of Almonds

by Chris

Almonds are healthy nuts loaded with lots of essential nutrients. Almonds eaten raw or fried, tastes good. It is an ingredient used in various snacks and sweets to enhance its nutritional value. There are various claims on health benefits of almonds. It is said almonds are beneficial for proper development of brain and for improved complexion as well as for healthy hair.

There are various proven benefits of almonds in our daily life. It is the best natural fat burning food. Therefore it is used for losing weight naturally as it has good fiber content. In addition to this, more fiber content helps in proper digestion as well as increases energy level. We can also find various evidences of almonds health benefits in maintain cholesterol level. Munching of almonds instead of some unhealthy snacks helps in reducing excess fat accumulated around your waist.


Another most essential almonds heath benefit is its tryptophan content which is very good for brain development. Having almonds will help you in relieving stress and controlling your mood swings making you feel good. Magnesium content in almonds helps in reducing risks of cardiac arrests. It increases HDL and helps in reducing LDL thereby controlling cholesterol level. Therefore it is most recommended for heart patients.  Phosphorus content in almonds helps in developing brain and muscle tissues. Another most important health benefit of almonds is improvement of memory. Having 5 to 6 overnight soaked almonds in water or milk every morning will help in improving memory.

Benefits of almonds are due to loads to vitamin content in it. Almonds are also rich in folic acid and vitamin B therefore when consumed during pregnancy it helps to reduce birth defects of fetus.  Copper content helps in proper development of bone and improves nerve functioning. Almonds function as powerful antioxidants due to its Vitamin E content. It helps in improving blood circulation and lowering of cholesterol thereby providing added cardiac protection. Not only this, it helps to stabilize blood sugar as well. Therefore it can be the best snack for diabetic patients. One of the other significant health benefits of almonds are due to its laetrile content which serves as an anti cancer component.

Benefits of almonds are also marked as to improve skin and hair texture. Vitamin B contents in almonds promote healthy growth of hair as well as nails. almonds1 Health Benefits Of Almonds It also moisturizes skin therefore it is also used as natural scrub. Almond oil mixed with honey and lemon juice is used as face mask once in a week to improve skin texture. Almond oil is also used as skin moisturizer to make the skin glow. Almond oil is also a good hair conditioner and prevents hair fall, split ends and breakage as it moisturizes the scalp.

Wild almonds are found in some places of world which contains glycoside that are converted into cyanide. To avoid its hazards, these wild almonds are good if roasted. People usually eat raw almonds and studies have also revealed various health benefits of almonds when its consumed raw. But, anything in excess always leads to problem; therefore consuming proper proportion of almonds in daily diet is advisable.

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John bahantka

I love almonds. How many a day can I eat ?



Very useful information . Wd lyk 2 know how much quantity is harmful if taken in excess . Thanx .



How many almonds a day do you have to have in order to get the benefits from this food? I have about 7 a day, is that enough?


Zain Khan

Almond is a great source of energy, Wrestlers from Pakistan, India, Iran, Arab use almond in diets and drinks. They use and eat heavy amount of almonds. in their daily exercise and diet plan almonds are included….. it not only boosts power and increases stamina but also it develops muscles….Almond are also use to give power to brain and for good memory in Asia…..It also lowers the bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol…….



ever tried green almond ? they are a little sour but delicious.
how about roasted almond with your salad ? yummy..


Savita Limbalkar

Alomond is really god gift for us because its contents lot of nutritious, it is helpful to reduce and control fats, it is a brain tonic, it is a hair tonic, skin tonic, it is helpful for heart patient, diabetic patient. It is really excellent nut and it is really king of Nuts.



i enjoyed eating almonds but my daughter did not because of the honey flavor. yes i agree it relieves stress though very expensive but its worth it. I’m calling for all good Samaritan there to please help me to sustain this wonderful nuts.



I surprised how the Creator kept health beneficial elements in various fruits and vegetables. We should glorify our Lord for His countless
favors for mankind.


Karun Patwal

King of nuts ,blessing for mankind.



almond is a gift of God for human. it is a best natural gift for people.thanks God


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