Mesothelioma Cancer – Cause and Cure

by Chris

The worst words out of a doctor’s mouth are that you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer. We will discuss mesothelioma symptoms, treatment, latest information and life expectancy of an individual suffering from this disease. Furthermore, we will discuss some of the terminology and put it in laymen terms so that it’s understandable.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that spreads in the lining of the internal organs. There are different types of mesothelioma cancer such as pleural mesothelioma and peritoneal mesothelioma. We will be comparing and contrasting the two forms of cancers to give a clear picture of how both are incurable and caused by mostly breathing in asbestos fibers. Peritoneal mesothelioma can be found strictly in the abdomen and it’s found in the lining of the organs and the apron of the stomach and over the major organs and this is where mesothelioma tends to attack and stay. I would compare it to barnacles you can see on seaweed.


Patients with peritoneal mesothelioma typically present to the doctor abdominal pain, swelling, abnormal bowl movements and in more advance cases patients will present symptoms of nausea and vomiting and sometimes the inability to have a bowl movement as well. Now, with pleural mesothelioma there are only 2,500 cases in the United States which makes it one of the rarest cancers. Patients usually present with pneumonia that usually doesn’t resolve, cough, chest pain, and also night sweets, elevated white blood cell count, and an elevated platelet count. So those are some of the warning signs that there might be a malignancy present. At this point you can’t rule out lung cancer as it is known to share common symptoms with some of the vital pleural diseases so, a chess x-ray is provided along with tissue samples of the lungs. Henceforth the disease can be detected.

We will move to mesothelioma treatment as there are many options but the prognosis is not promising. One of the major names that stand above all in mesothelioma treatment is chemotherapy. The specific type of chemotherapy drugs used depends on the hospital and physician you receive treatment from. Chemotherapy is one of the most common types of mesothelioma treatment. Next, radiation is when high beams or strains are sent to the body in order to kill cancer cells. Most of us have been exposed to radiation in our lifetime but this type is specifically measured to kill certain cells associated with mesothelioma cancer.

Also, you may be able to have the cancer removed surgically. This is a straight forward approach and the most sought after as it has the highest success rate. Proceeding next in the treatment genre we have the gene therapy that uses a strategy to attack the disease by adjusting the manifestation of a person’s genetics or by repairing the gene mutation that has been caused due to some oncological factors. The essence of the therapy is repairing the disease at the DNA level and compensating for irregular genes. Now, immunotherapy or biological therapy is a relatively new form of treatment. Scientists have studied that the immune system can safe guard against disease, scientists have also identified that the immune system could be a belt in variation of health cells and cancer cells. Eventually, the hope is to identify the cells and get rid of the dangerous cancer cells.

Moving on further, Palliative care or treatment is a specific kind of treatment that relieves the discomfort and signs of other treatments. The objective is not to extend life or end it but to make it as comfortable as possible for the patient. Sometimes the word pain management is used but its all about helping the comfort level of the person suffering from mesothelioma symptoms. Treating mesothelioma symptoms in the patient sometimes is all that is left to do as there is no cure.

The mesothelioma life expectancy is low as most don’t survive because of the fact that disease is not detected until it’s in the last stages. The disease is terminal and has a latency period of around 30 to 40 years. Most of the time the mesothelioma life expectancy is none due to the fact that it shows up as the flu so most doctors don’t detect it which means the disease has time to spread. The common age of a person suffering from this cancer is 55-75 and the prime cause is exposure to asbestos. To find out more information on mesothelioma check your local doctor. You need reliable sources to research the disease so for any new information on mesothelioma it would be advisable to visit your local library as well.

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