Omega 3 Supplements Review – Why you need it

by Chris

Omega 3 in your diet helps in preventing several health problems thereby offering good health and wellness. The health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are clinically proven therefore it is very important to get acquainted to the best Omega 3 supplements. Proper consumption of it brings health and fitness to every individual whether a heart patient or a pregnant lady or even a child.

What is omega 3 fatty acids.

Now you must be wondering, actually what omega 3 is? Where does it come from? What could be its benefits? Here we will be discussing some of the essential aspects of omega 3. Omega 3 is a bundle of unsaturated fatty acids classified under polyunsaturated fats which includes eicosapentaenoic acid abbreviated as EPA and docosahexaenoic acid commonly known as DHA. These fats are good fats which are not synthesized in the human body. Therefore they are obtained from various foods or supplement sources. It offers fitness tips for development of eyes, nerve tissues and brain.


The DHA and EPA components of Omega 3 are produced by microalgae which dwell in seawater. These algae are consumed by fishes. Therefore fishes are claimed to be the best Omega 3 supplement. Flaxseed is also considered to be one of the Omega 3 sources which are in the form of flax oil. This has to be converted into DHA and EPA by the body. Best Omega 3 supplements are red meat of lamb which is grass fed, Eggs laid by chicken that is fed with insects and greens and cold water fish oil obtained from Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel, herring and Anchovies. Cow milk and cheese is also the best Omega 3 supplement.

Recommendation of these natural health products to a pregnant lady is given to maintain proper birth weight. Consuming oily fish during first trimester benefits the fetus and reduces the risk of premature birth. Researchers have revealed the fact that, expectant mothers and lactating mothers whose diet consisted of DHA supplements raise their babies with good IQ level.

Omega 3 supplements are considered as good component to develop brain cells therefore it is considered to be a best tool to repair brain damage. Omega 3 rich supplements are claimed to be the brain food and is seen to be the non prescribed treatment for mental and psychiatric cases. Consumption of seafood also helps to regulate mood swings and depression.

Omega 3 rich fish in diet reduces cardiovascular diseases and the risk of heart attacks as this diet helps to reduce triglyceride level which is unhealthy component. It is even beneficial to reduce LDL which is bad cholesterol for heart.

Consuming oily fish by allergic patients who are prone to hay fever, sinus, asthma would prove to be a best health tip and also serves as natural beauty tip as well as helps in correcting psoriasis disorder. Fish oil contains EPA and DHA which assists to reduce the factors that are responsible for causing rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory arthritis.

Regular consumption of Omega 3 rich supplement helps to minimize the risk of muscular degeneration that is usually developed with age. This is the common eye disease seen in older people.

Omega 3 supplements present in our regular diet can be natural health remedy and also a best component to slow down our aging.

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