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It isn’t rare for most people to experience periodic problems with heartburn.  This can be caused by certain foods that are known to be quite acidic and can be helped by following some healthy eating tips.  Some people, however, will have a chronic problem known as Acid Reflux which is slightly more serious than regular heartburn.  Acid Reflux is a condition where digestive acid isn’t properly contained in the stomach and will migrate upwards into the esophagus.  Not only can acid reflux be an uncomfortable problem but it can cause serious damage in the form of esophageal erosion and tooth decay.  Some acid reflux sufferers will be given a prescription medicine but others will choose an over the counter remedy such as Prilosec OTC.

Prilosec is an over the counter acid reducer that has been proven effective in treating chronic problems such as acid reflux.  Many people who suffer from chronic acid problems will use a range of different products to alleviate their suffering.  The problem with most of these other products is that they are designed to treat basic acid indigestion and will do little to treat a serious problem such as acid reflux.  Many of these products will need to be taken multiple times a day and will only be effective for a short period of time.  It is important to use an otc acid reducer that is designed to treat chronic acid problems to help avoid the serious damage these problems can cause.


The digestive acids found in the human stomach are extremely corrosive, the stomach is equipped to safely contain these acids but they can damage delicate tissue if they escape.  Acid reflux is a chronic condition where stomach acid will leave the stomach and travel up into the throat and esophagus.  The presence of digestive acids outside of the stomach can lead to a burning in the chest and throat, vomiting and even permanent damage such as the erosion of the esophageal lining.  Antacid tablets are sometimes used for temporary relief but they won’t fix a serious chronic problem.

Prilosec OTC is the best acid reducer that is available over the counter.  One of the biggest benefits to using Prilosec is that it only needs to be taken once a day to be effective.  Other basic acid reducers will usually need to be taken many times a day and will become less effective over time.  People who suffer from chronic acid reflux problems are always looking for a simple solution so only needing to take one pill a day couldn’t be easier.  It is important to remember that, while Prilosec is a good solution, it may take a couple of days to become completely effective.

Acid reflux is a serious problem that can both reduce a person’s quality of life and cause serious and irreversible damage to delicate tissue.  Since it can be such a debilitating problem, sufferers will try a number of different methods for treating their acid problems.  Products like antacid tablets can treat regular acid indigestion but won’t alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with acid reflux.  At just one pill a day, Priolesc OTC is not only one of the best otc acid reducers but is the easiest method for treating acid reflux.

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Brenda Brown

I used Prilosec for approximately 18 days. I had terrible indigestion for more than 30 years. The indisgestion started in 1979 and over the years , I had tried so many different remedies. I had times when there was so must gas in my body that I had trouble breathing. I hated to eat because everything gave me indigestion. In the morning when awakening, my stomach was full of gas and rumbles all day long. I would be sick on the stomach and felt as if I had to use the restroom all the time. Finally, in 2010 after suffering for many years, I saw a commerical on television about Prilosec. My husband purchase some Prilosec for me and for the first time in 30 years, I don’t pass gas all day long and I can eat whatever I want. Prilosec works and it works totally. I don’t have any stomach problems now and no indigestion. I would refer this product to anyone who has suffered with indigestion. Thank you to whoever made this product. I finally have a indigestion free life.


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